Do you know which search engine results factors you should ignore while planning your mark? This article will discuss 11 key ranking factors that you should disregard. These factors include Mobile-Friendliness, Page Authority, Domain Authority, and more. You can ignore them or select a few to use as a basis for your mark. But which ones are the most important? If you use them, they should play an essential role in your website’s success.

11 key ranking factors to ignore

You can easily monitor and evaluate organic search performance using a tool called Databox. Databox reveals 11 factors that affect the ranking of your website. The most important ranking signal is a link from a credible source. If you have links from a credible source, your website is most likely to rank well in organic search results. The rest of the ranking factors are merely noise, and you can ignore them.


You should optimize your website for mobile users. Google’s “Mobilegeddon” update is about rewarding mobile-friendly pages and websites. This means removing unnecessary elements, such as a mobile-specific navigation bar, and focusing on a mobile-friendly design. Google also favours pages with visible content. Recently, a Googler said hidden content is OK, but critical content should be visual.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is not a ranking factor. It is merely a tool to determine the quality of a website. You can check your DA by looking at the domain authority of your competitors. While a DA of 70 may seem reasonable, it may not be good enough for your competition. On the other hand, a DA of 12 is a respectable score. Nevertheless, it would be best if you did not let this metric affect your ranking.

If you wish to rank high on Google, you should focus on improving your overall SEO. By doing so, you can boost your ranking and get organic backlinks from high-authority pages. As domain authority scores on a logarithmic scale, the higher your DA, the more difficult it is to raise it. Hence, you should spend considerable time developing your domain authority.

While planning a mark, you should not focus on Domain Authority alone. While it is essential to create quality content, it is crucial to build links from websites with good domain authority. Moreover, they must belong to the same vertical as yours. Backlinks are the most important ranking factor. The more high-quality links a website has, the higher its Domain Authority. The higher its Domain Authority score, the better your chances of appearing on the first page of Google.

A high Domain Authority score is necessary for an excellent site to be visible in search results. It is an essential tool for building authority and is one of the most overlooked factors. Regardless of your niche, you must know how important your website is to have a high DA score. Moreover, high Domain Authority helps you establish a strong link profile and attract guest authors. These two factors are closely related, so be careful about your choice.

Page Authority

Page Authority is a total score that consists of several different factors. Like Domain Authority, it fluctuates and should be used with caution. It is an aggregated measure based on multiple factors, and it is difficult to predict exactly how your page will perform in search results. The best way to influence Page Authority is to improve your link profile, which acts as an external vote of confidence.

Page Authority is a proxy for authority, and the lowest value is 100. However, starting, you can make an educated guess as to whether or not your website has the authority it needs to rank. Then, compare your page’s Page Authority to your competitors to get a better idea of whether or not it is worth the effort.

Page Rank

If you are trying to boost your traffic to your website, you need to pay attention to what Google is looking for in search results. Your content should be aligned with the key phrases or keyword phrases that people are searching for. Google will lower the ranking to pages that have copied content from other sources. Users will have difficulty finding the information they are looking for if they do not spend enough time on your page. Google also evaluates the creator of the page as well as the content. In this way, your content and page rank should be relevant to the keywords that you have used.