While you may be tempted to stay on your current version of WordPress, you should not. WordPress 6.0 brings many significant features, including the new Gutenberg editor. This update also allows you to use Web fonts. Before you make the switch, you should learn about the benefits of upgrading to the latest version. Listed below are the benefits of WordPress 6.0. You can download the new version from the WordPress site.

WordPress 6.0

WordPress 6.0 is a significant update to the CMS. Among the many new features in the upcoming release are customization, performance, and accessibility improvements. WordPress developers are constantly improving the WordPress system. But how necessary is upgrading to WordPress 6.0 or higher in 2022? Let’s explore these questions and learn how to decide whether upgrading is worth your time and money.

Besides these features, WordPress 6.0 will also introduce a sitewide editor that gives you more options for editing your website. In this release, you can select blocks of text and edit them individually. WordPress 6.0 will also introduce a browsing mode and an improved site navigation structure. If you’re unsure whether or not it’s worth upgrading, read on. We’ll cover some benefits of boosting your website to WordPress 6.0 or higher.

WordPress 6.0 has some notable improvements. The new version adds blocks to the editor, expands the block system, and enhances theme functionality. WordPress 6.0 offers a suite of enhancements based on user complaints compared to older versions. Users will find this new release easier to use and customize their websites.

Gutenberg editor

The Gutenberg editor allows for total web modification. You can now add a featured image to the cover block and choose the size and style of the Featured Image. Moreover, you can now group blocks with just one click, which makes them more user-friendly. This update will make editing posts and pages more straightforward and make it easier to manage multi-sites.

In addition to the new Gutenberg editor, WordPress 6.0 will also bring other improvements. It will make content creation faster and less error-prone. This incremental release is easy to upgrade since it primarily affects the wp-admin and block editor. Users will have to download the latest version of WordPress if they want to use the new Gutenberg editor. However, the update will not break the existing themes.

If you want to enjoy the Gutenberg editor’s benefits, you should upgrade to WordPress 6.0 or higher in 2024. Gutenberg has several improvements and is intended to evolve into a site builder. Gutenberg features blocks that allow you to add images, text, and lists. You can also format text and use styles in the blocks. In addition to this, you can even add video and audio content to your site.

The block-based site editing interface

With the introduction of the Gutenberg block editor in WordPress 5.0 on December 6, 2018, full-site editing has become the default editor. The project is in the process of implementing Phase 2 Customization and may start work on Phase 3 Collaboration. Gutenberg will be the default editing interface for WordPress 6.0. In the meantime, there are many ways to customize the default editor. Listed below are some tips to get started.

Accessibility improvements. WordPress 6.0 will add improved accessibility features, such as enhanced tabbing in blocks with placeholders and a block settings dropdown. More time-saving shortcuts: WordPress 6.0 will introduce six new block conversion options and make organizing displays for blocks easier. There will also be a nested quote block, and new paragraphs can be added.

New features: In WordPress 6.0, block patterns will play a more significant role. The quick inserter will recommend patterns instead of blocks to make specific sections easier to create. For example, a subscription call-to-action section is easier to construct when used away. Furthermore, WordPress developers will add more core blocks for site editing in future versions. With these improvements, creating custom sites and making your users happier with the results will be easier.

Web fonts

It is critical to upgrade to WordPress 6.0 or higher to continue using the latest version of the Web fonts API, which will be in place by 2022. This update includes several bug fixes, more than 400 upgrades to editor capabilities, and 91 new features. The latest version also contains security improvements and a Webfonts API that protects users’ privacy.

The WordPress Web Fonts API allows theme developers to specify the fonts they want to use and their associated files. When visitors view their site, the new fonts are automatically loaded and used in the correct CSS. The first version of the WordPress Web Fonts API queued scripts and styles. This is because of the need for a standardized solution. However, the Web Fonts API will be fully functional in the future.

It is imperative to upgrade to WordPress 6.0 or higher in 2020 to ensure your site is compatible with this new version. The latest WordPress version, “Arturo,” will be released on May 24, 2022. This new version of WordPress will consolidate the new Gutenberg editor, introducing more visual editing capabilities. The Gutenberg editor was introduced in version 5.9, and WordPress 6.0 will build on this foundation.


In addition to its performance improvements, WordPress 6.0 will introduce a new block editor and decouple themes from templates. The update also introduces new block transformation options and will enable you to nest quote blocks. The latest version also features new plugins and themes, making upgrading to 6.0 worth it. However, it’s probably not worth the effort if you’re already running WordPress.

The second major release of WordPress is slated for 2022. It contains more than 1000 changes and bug fixes. WordPress 6.0 also includes an updated database version and a new Trac revision. Users of the current version of WordPress can download and install the latest version by visiting the WordPress website. The installation instructions can be found under the “Upgrading” tab. If you’re not yet ready to upgrade, consider waiting until after the first patch is released to ensure your site’s security.

While you may not want to upgrade to WordPress 6.0 or higher shortly, it’s worth it for many reasons. The newest version of WordPress has increased performance, stability, and usability. Content creators will love the new features and options. However, the upgrade may be a good idea if you’re using WordPress for business purposes. In this case, your site will receive a boost in traffic.


According to W3Techs, WordPress isn’t performing at its peak. Its market share is shrinking for the first time in history. This is because the number of sites that use the platform is declining. Despite this, WordPress remained the CMS of choice for 42% of websites. So what should you do? Read on to find out. We’ve gathered tons of comments about the topic on the WP Tavern.

The performance team has been meeting since November to improve WordPress’ performance. While they have been focusing on enhancing core WordPress, they have also released a standalone performance module called Performance Lab. However, they are not intended to replace the WordPress Core. They aim to make the platform more efficient across many areas. To that end, the performance team is actively working on a plugin that improves the site’s performance in various situations.

The team’s performance focus has been on improving page and post-load speed. It has also worked on query execution time, caching, and navigation menus. The goal of the performance team is not to compete with proprietary CMSes, but to improve the platform’s performance at scale for everyone. It has been noted that the new version of WordPress is a huge step forward for the project. So why is it so important?


The next major release of WordPress is scheduled for May 24, 2022, and it’s called “Arturo.” The new version is named after Grammy-winning jazz musician Arturo O’Farrill, who influenced contemporary Latin jazz. It’s also the second major release of 2022, following WordPress 5.9 “Josephine,” which was released in January. “Arturo” is said to bring a more intuitive site-building experience. Over 500 community members from 58 countries have contributed to developing this new version.

The new version of WordPress will include accessibility improvements, such as the ability to select text across content blocks. This will improve the user experience for people with disabilities. Users will also be able to use the post title as the ALT text of featured images. Additionally, blocks will have the ability to be organized so that a user can click on a specific block in the middle of a paragraph to read a short description.

Besides bug fixes, the next major release of WordPress will include more than 600 enhancements and bug fixes. Users should upgrade to this version of WordPress if they want to enjoy new features and improved stability. In addition to automatic updates, users will benefit from the increased security and privacy features of the latest version of WordPress. This new release will also add new functionality for content creators. For those who are hesitant to upgrade, DreamPress offers an upgrade option that comes with solid security defences and automatic updates so that they can focus on content creation.