What is Content Repurposing, and Why Would You Want to Do It?

Content repurposing is taking content that has already been published and modifying it so that the content is presented in a new way to the audience.

It’s just like recycling – take something and turn it into something new. With content repurposing, you can take previously published blog posts or articles and make changes to them, perhaps by modifying existing text or adding a new image.

There are many ways you can repurpose your old content, including:

– changing the title;

– changing the article’s target audience;

– adding an infographic;

– adding a video;

– creating a blog post on similar topics;

– turning into an ebook.

How to Use Content Repurposing as a Strategy for Improving Your Sharing Conversion Rate

Content reuse is a strategy where content from one platform is reused. It is not the same as content syndication or repurposing, which involves presenting different content.

The infographic below illustrates how to use the proper categories and headings to make your content more shareable.

As you can see, this can be a beneficial strategy to increase your sharing conversions rate.

How to Repurpose Your Content for Different Mediums & Audiences

Content repurposing is when content from one medium is reused in another. Creative repurposing happens when your original creative work is reused or modified by someone else. In both cases, the goal of the process is to get more value out of your content and make it reusable across different mediums and audiences.

There are a few ways you can make your valuable content for multiple mediums:

– Using IDEO’s Content Lifecycle Map

– Crafting custom storytelling for each media channel

– Combining different stories into one story

Examples of Some Creative Ways of Using Content in Other Mediums or Channels

Content can be used in different mediums, from a blog to an advertisement, and the best way to promote your brand is by providing your audience with content that can be used in multiple ways.

Want More Engagement with Your Blog? Learn the Secrets To Successful Blog

The key to a successful blog is establishing a personal connection with your audience.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but these are some tips that will help you achieve success:

1. Build trust immediately

2. Offer exclusive content

3. Seek advice from readers