If you’re looking for a way to create a free logo and infographic for your business, you should start by looking at free online tools. There are many different types of infographics, so you can choose the style that best suits your company and your business needs. Alternatively, you can create your own by using existing content. Some tools you can use include Adioma, Piktochart, and Venngage.


When you’re looking for free logos and infographics for your business, you should check out Venngage. This online service offers hundreds of templates, and many are customizable. You can add custom charts, upload a Google Drive Spreadsheet, and use maps. You can even upload your own pictures if necessary. Both services allow you to upload your own content, too. They even offer a free plan, so you can get a feel for the layout before spending any money.

When creating your logo or infographic, you must consider how your business will present the data. Infographics are a great way to communicate data but can be tricky to design. While it may seem like an easy task to hire a designer, the process can be time-consuming and costly. Luckily, Venngage offers an easy-to-use program with 100s of ready-made templates. In addition, there are free account options available for anyone to create their own logo or infographic.

Venngage’s onboarding process is slightly more extensive than Canva’s. It starts with email signup. Once you sign up, you can choose a password and set your account name. You can also upload a Brand Kit containing your company’s logo and trademark colours. You can even upload a social media image! You can choose any template, from a single image to a full-blown infographic.

Once you’ve set the colour scheme and fonts for your logo, you can choose from 40,000 icons. Most icons are editable and free to use. The heroes come in various styles, including business, career, and use cases. Venngage also integrates with the Pixabay stock photo library and Unsplash, offering thousands of photos. You can also upload your own photos for the same purpose.


If you’re new to the world of infographics, then Piktochart can help you get started in no time. This tool combines the simplicity of an infographic with the advanced features of a professional-quality design. It’s free to use and comes with a free plan. If you’re unsure which to choose, consider taking a free trial to see how it works.

After setting up a Piktochart account, you can search for an infographic template. You can browse through different categories, like business, or search for infographic templates by keywords. However, remember that while these templates can help you create a great-looking infographic, they’re not particularly rich or varied in illustrations. If you’re using Piktochart to help you with your business, you may want to opt for the paid option.

Piktochart is a cloud-based infographics maker that allows you to create engaging and informative infographics for your website, social media pages, or even personal blogs. With a range of templates and drag-and-drop functionality, Piktochart is perfect for beginners and novices alike. And as a bonus, the software works with both Windows and Mac computers, meaning you can create infographics on the go.

Once you’ve chosen an infographic template, you can add text, images, and widgets. Some examples of free icons you can use include maps and charts. You can also find dozens of free fonts on the site. You can also upload your own fonts. Once you’re happy with your design, Piktochart will automatically import your data into your Piktochart.


If you’re trying to create a logo or infographic for your business, you might want to start by figuring out what kind of logo you need. Many free online design services have templates, but they’re not geared toward business use. You’ll also have to adjust the font, size, and colour scheme for your unique needs. You might also want to try some fancy text.

One great feature of Canva is its extensive library of free icons and templates. These can help you design an impressive logo, infographic, or marketing piece for your business. Depending on the purpose of your infographic, you can choose from various colours and fonts and even enter your own data. The software also offers a library of free and paid stock images.

One downside to Canva is that you can get stuck on a template meant for Instagram. Then you’ll have to start over. This is incredibly frustrating when you have to create a design from scratch. You can download the Canva mobile app if you’re on the go. The app will let you create designs even when you’re offline. Just sign up or log in to your Canva account. After choosing a template, you can change the colour scheme, add filters, and move elements around as you see fit.

When using Canva, make sure to check its legal policies. It is prohibited to resell a Canva design. The company is significant, and copyright infringement will ruin your creative reputation. If you do this, you may have to pay a fee to access Canva’s content. After all, it’s free! You’re not stealing the design.


If you’re looking for a free logo and infographic tool, you’ve come to the right place. Adioma is a simple but powerful tool that turns text data into appealing infographics. It has a vast library of templates and icons and can be used to create both logos and infographics for your business. With Adioma, you can publish or download your infographics quickly and easily, using a template and icon library. It even allows you to add your own content, including photos or other illustrations.

It’s easy to use, and even beginners can create their first infographic in minutes. The software will automatically convert your text into a visual representation, allowing you to add illustrations without using drag and drop. You can export your finished infographic project in vector or raster formats. You can also use Adioma to share your infographic with others via social media.

With a drag-and-drop interface, Adioma is easy to use. It features a library of hundreds of thousands of royalty-free images and fonts and allows you to save your infographics to the cloud for future reference. Adioma offers a free trial, so you can try it out before purchasing a subscription. It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a free logo and infographic tool.

The free version allows you to easily create an infographic using just a few clicks. It has numerous templates and chart templates that you can use to create stunning infographics. It also offers a wide range of pictograms, icons, and illustrations to help your infographics stand out and significantly impact your audience. You can also add your own custom fonts and colours to the infographics to customize them to match the design of your website.


EDraw Max offers you a sophisticated user interface (UI) similar to the interface of modern office software and graphic design applications. Although it is not available for mobile platforms, it is available for all three major desktop operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Its comprehensive templates give the business owner a powerful tool for creating infographics and logos.

The program supports multiple file formats and features two thousand templates and 26,000 drag-and-drop symbols. It helps you finish operations quickly and allows you to share your work via social networks. What’s more, it works on different operating systems, from Windows XP to Mac OS X. Moreover, the software is cross-platform, meaning it works on most computers. Therefore, the program is easy to use and requires no technical expertise.

The free version of Edraw Max includes pre-built diagrams and shapes. If you need a more complex infographic, you can use EdrawMax Online. You can also save your infographic to a Word document. Besides, it can be shared with others on GoogleDrive or DropBox. So, why not use it for your business? There are so many benefits of using Edraw Max.

Creating infographics is easy and effective when using Edraw’s extensive pre-made template libraries. The tool offers easy export options and supports several formats, including vector graphics. You can easily collaborate and produce high-quality designs with a team of designers. This software also includes templates for everyday websites. In addition to free logos and infographics, the program has a free version of its popular product, Lucidpress.