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Create a welcome mat to increase the number of email subscribers you get. This is the first thing visitors see when they land on your website, and it will take up the whole screen. Scrolling down will reveal the content beneath the welcome mat. Using a welcome mat, you can promote your lead magnet without being intrusive. Professional marketers use the welcome mat to double their subscriber count.

Offer a free report as a lead magnet.

There are several ways to promote your lead magnet. You can advertise it on social media platforms and offer it as a free report download. One way to advertise your free report or download is to use ads on Facebook. For example, Todd’s free report was the first chapter of the Alter Ego effect, which has been a bestseller.

Consider offering an ebook or guide to your niche if you’re a writer. These can range in size from a few pages to a hundred. They can be conversational guides or informative. eBooks and reports are often highly visual and educational. If your niche is a personal finance, consider creating a cheat sheet or workbook that helps your readers master your topic.

The same principle applies to free reports. They can be downloadable reports based on your research team’s findings, blog posts, webinars, or other content. Such free resources can position your brand as an expert and get you closer to conversion. Templates are also popular lead magnets. Templates help streamline processes and reduce time by eliminating the need for designing from scratch.

When creating your free lead magnet, consider your ideal customers’ problems. The best lead magnets are natural extensions of your core offering. You’ll increase your conversion rate by giving away a resource related to your main product. So, consider your target audience’s needs and apply this learning to your free help. Think about what your readers are looking for in an email list.

Many business owners offer free versions of their digital products. Many people who use these tools will subscribe to the paid version. Free trials are an excellent way to try out your product before you invest in a membership. While free trials are not as effective as other lead magnets, they can be an effective way to generate new visitors to your website. They don’t require a high initial investment and can attract new visitors quickly.

Use a calendar or planner as a lead magnet.

A calendar or planner can be an ideal lead magnet if you are a digital marketer. These items offer a wide variety of benefits to both the potential customer and the brand. Calendars and planners can be valuable tools that make certain activities more accessible. They should also be editable to be adapted to the specific needs of the person who purchases them. Planners are often helpful for business planning or creating custom personas.

You can create a quiz as a lead magnet for your email list. Creating a quiz requiring people to input their email addresses to find the answer to the examination can be fun. You can then nurture your leads with an automated email series to educate them on your brand. Your subscriber’s list will grow over time with this kind of strategy.

Using a planner or calendar as a lead magnet for your blog can effectively increase conversion rates. People are more likely to download a planner or calendar if they feel it will be helpful. This is especially true if you plan to share your information on social media. People tend to share infographics with their friends and colleagues.

Another popular way to use a planner or calendar as a lead magnet is a worksheet that people can download and use. A printable worksheet is excellent if it enables the audience to accomplish a task. For example, a fitness coach could create a 30-day fitness challenge workbook that includes exercises for cardio and weightlifting, healthy recipes, and prompts to keep track of their goals. Another way to create a printable is to create an inspirational file. An emotional file is another great way to lure people into sharing their contact information.

You can also create a white paper, a business report that provides a business perspective on a subject. Usually, these are evidence-based and involve a lot of data. These types of publications are excellent lead magnets, but keep in mind that not all of them will be interested in the same kind of content. For example, influencer #1 may not be aware of the brand-influencer relationship and is overburdened with administrative tasks. For the personas in influencer #1, an ebook might be more appealing. For influencer #2, a planner or calendar might be a good choice for a lead magnet.

Offer a checklist as a lead magnet.

If you’re looking to build your email subscribers list, you might consider offering a checklist as a lead magnet. A checklist is a simple resource that breaks down your content into actionable steps that your subscribers can check off as they go. And, unlike other lead magnets, checklists are easy to create and maintain. You can create a simple checklist with a few simple steps, and your leads will surely appreciate it!

A checklist is a handy resource for your prospects and can be printable. People who complete checklists tend to feel accomplished and can check off items, making it easier for them to achieve their goals. Many websites use a checklist as a lead magnet. Mary Nawabi, a real estate agent, offers her clients a free checklist of things to do before their first listing.

When choosing a lead magnet, make sure to focus on a topic that is specific to your niche. People’s attention spans are short, so you’ll want to focus on digestible content that will be useful to your audience. Also, ensure that your lead magnet establishes your thought-leadership in your niche. This will help you deliver consistent email list growth.

To make a checklist more valuable, state the target audience in the subhead. Make sure to make the promise clear and enticing for your audience. A good example is the 1-Page Marketing Plan, which has three subheadings: “Get New Customers”, “Make More Money,” and “Stand Out From the Crowd.” John Hall’s Top of Mind is an excellent example of how to influence and engage with content that is both useful and engaging.