Why You Need to Measure Your Content’s Effectiveness

A great content marketing strategy is not enough for a successful campaign. You need to measure the effectiveness of your content and make sure that it reaches your desired goals.

Measuring the engagement metrics of your content is one of the most important steps in a successful campaign. And you can do this with a number of different tools, from Google Analytics to Hootsuite Social Media Manager.

What are the 5 Important Engagement Metrics?

Engagement metrics are the ways that people interact with your content.

By looking at these different metrics, you can determine what types of content are more popular than others. This will give you an idea of what you should post in the future to keep your audience interested.

Top 5 engagement metrics:

– Post Engagement: The number of engagements (shares, comments) on a given post;

– Share Count: The total number of shares on a given post;

– Tweet Count: The total number of tweets about a given tweet;

– Link Attribution: The number of links to the page that is being shared or tweeted about;

– Social Referral: The number of people who clicked on one of the links in the social media recommendation

How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Engagement?

Before understanding how to use Google Analytics to measure engagement, it is essential to realize what constitutes engagement.

Engagements are the number of people actively using your site or app at a given time. If you have 100 visitors in your area right now, but one person is scrolling through your posts and one person trapped on a base, then you have two engagements. which can measure engagements in four different ways:

  • The average time spent on the page per visit
  • The bounce rate
  • The pages per visit
  • The average amount of pages visited per day

How to Use Facebook Insights for Tracking Content Performance?

Facebook Insights is Facebook’s built-in tool that helps you track the performance of your Facebook posts, ad campaigns and other marketing efforts.

Analyzing your content performance using Facebook insights is essential for creating timely and well-targeted content. It can also help you identify what your audience desires and improve their engagement with your content.