It is pretty simple to be unknown and get lost in the digital world. Over 4.66 billion people are using the internet for their livelihood. This article is about spreading values and the importance of digital marketing theories (Handpicked). I dedicate this article to aspiring bloggers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, technical & non-technical professionals.







Is Steve Jobs a good marketer? How did Steve Jobs become popular? Did jobs focus only on marketing or in digital marketing? Exactly, what is meant by digital marketing and how to use it like Steve jobs?




Steve’s Digital VS Marketing Job’s




Marketing is an old-school technique and the kind of job we hate to do every day. Steve Jobs understood the arts & science of marketing very well by using people’s lives for his brand. He proved by coming up with an innovative marketing strategy whenever Apple launches its iPhone. Job’s intuition always surrounds his purpose: To build something fascinating powered by technology for people to improve their lives. Steve Jobs showed us on stage: how to build a marketing strategy around the purpose of the brand. We follow apple products and services mainly because of their values.







Future is certain, Just like Marketing




Let’s talk about the new-school method: Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques




Communication plays a vital role in digital marketing, voice, text, infographics, videos over digital tools like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, medium, blogger, etc. Influencer’s in these mediums are good marketers, can influence people to buy or promote 3rd parties products and services in their social media portfolios. Nowadays, podcast subscribers are growing than ever before because people want to listen on the go. Pick a digital medium, which suits your interest and talent followed by the market gap. Stay hungry and foolish until you reach your limits.







Why do I need to become a Digital Marketer?




I can save and invest my time. Yep, with the power of digital tools & techniques, my life will be much more proactive. I always had wished that, what if I spent my entire life exploring and working on my ideas and innovative solutions. At first, I thought that It would never happen. But now, I can make that possible with the help of digital tools and techniques. Now, I generate content and valuable information for my targeted niche by helping them achieve their goals with satisfaction also paid every day.




Pick Subscribers to pay you




Generating wealth using digital marketing is never less than creating brand value and customer loyalty. Here, we need to follow four simple steps to achieve the final transaction from subscribers. Pick a niche you are good at and make sure there is a market need for it and willing to pay for the service. Then, start to create valuable and personalizable content which positively affects the end user’s mind. The next step is to make tunnels in the form of digital marketing tools to draw attention for subscribers every time you create content. Drip marketing and deep marketing is the most efficient technique to boost customer trust and loyalty. Finally, get ready to receive subscriptions from your clients every month/week as per your marketing strategy.







Holistics Marketing Strategy




To Generate wealth, we need Seven sources of income as per studies. But, to succeed in digital business – you should make traffic flow to the landing page (home page) more than five sources. The first five crucial and essential methodologies are SEO (Search Engine Marketing), Paid Advertisement, Email Marketing, Sell & Convert, and Social Media. The same content should flow over different marketing mediums to targeted subscribers at a personalized time with personal content touch. 




Content Generation Machine







We are not god, to create things or content which is 100% new to the world. We are inspired by what we see, listen to, read to from outside of us. But the thing is different if we mix our experience, it’s become a new piece of content or idea. If your targeted customer liked your product/services then well and good you will get paid for your work at the end of the day. Otherwise, you should keep improving your content creation ability by reading, listening if not at least by outsourcing to people who are good at content writing or product development.   




Be a Fresher forever




If you work for years, obviously you will become an expert what you do for a long time. The main positive thing is:  if you hold yourself as a beginner is gaining everything includes creative things, being young both (physically and mentally), get into love at any time, spend time with family at any time. More and more benefits are involved in being a fresher (typically with zero years experience). It will teach you about: how to live an ego-free, healthy life. And not get stuck and being distracted by the outer world. Most importantly, you will be free from the burden of holding titles that are heavy with immense pressure. Also, the pressure is not worth being carried every day in your life. 




Mass-Trust Blueprint  for Trend Makers







Pay the cost and get whatever you want in life. To run a successful business for decades, you should stick (Learn – Work – Blog – Consult – Mentor – Startup) LWBCMS Framework. Depends on people’s capability, time spend on each stage will differ. Some people can do two to three levels at the same time. But, skipping a step is not preferable to anyone.




Digital Tools for Effective Marketing




  1. Liner – Content Highlighter chrome extension




  • ReadWise – Revisit and learn from your eBook & article highlights




  • Potent – Headline Generator for Blogs and Articles




  • Typeform – Audience Forms for your clients




  • Grammarly – Error free content writing tool




  • Buzzsumo – Promote, monitor & Analyze (Content & Traffic)




  • Buffer – Manage your social accounts




  • SEMRush – SEO/SEM tool




  • Viewbix – Video Making tool




  1. Salesmate – Customer Management tool



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