iPhone 12

It's great, but the Max should be even better: iPhone 12 Pro camera review  round-up: Digital Photography Review

l though Although it’s happening just a little later than usual, Apple is ready to announce its next iPhones. Widely expected to be called the iPhone 12, this year, there may be as many as four different models. Rumors point to an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and a smaller iPhone 12 mini.

Speaking of “mini” things, a late-breaking leak revealed a small, spherical HomePod that looks like a little Magic 8-Ball, and there’s also going to be a white version.

The tagline for the event is “Hi, Speed,” which is as clear an indication as Apple is likely to give that these phones will support 5G. They’re also widely expected to have a new design that’s reminiscent of the squared-off look of the iPad Pro. Beyond that, it’s tough to pin down all the new features that Apple could bring.

After the iPhones and that HomePod mini, it’s possible that Apple could introduce any number of products that have been rumored. Apple could introduce new AirPod-branded headphones, and those long-rumored AirTags device locators still need to be unveiled.

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