Iphone 11

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The iPhone 11 is sleek and slim, and its glass back means that it is quite grippy most of the time when held with bare hands. But its matte edges are a bit slippery, and, as much as I would love to go caseless with my iPhone, I just can’t take the chance. While I have never broken an iPhone screen, and this iPhone is covered with AppleCare+ as part of the iPhone upgrade program, I just know that once I start using an iPhone without a case, I’ll drop it.

he feature that gets the most attention when Apple presents new iPhones these days is the camera. The reason for this is obvious: there isn’t much room left for progress in a smartphone. Yes, the processor is faster, the display may be a bit better, the battery lasts longer, and the audio is improved, but these small, incremental changes aren’t enough to sway most people.

However, new features such as the ultra-wide lens on the iPhone 11, or the triple camera on the iPhone 11 Pro, give consumers new, improved technologies in a feature that, for many users, is essential. Smartphones are rarely used for phone calls anymore; and while the camera is not the essential element in a smartphone—arguably, what’s most critical is the device’s ability to access the internet—it is nevertheless a widely used feature. Given the way Apple promotes the new iPhone, it could almost be called the Apple iCamera.